Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office EOD Vehicle

The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office has recently received their custom Gerling & Associates EOD Vehicle more commonly known as a “Bomb Truck” in the industry.

The featured vehicle consists of an all aluminum frame and exterior shell construction that Gerling & Associates is known for. The chassis is a Ford F-550 and the the body length is 16′. It’s worth to mention that the smooth “seamless” shell construction makes for an great surface for applying agency and department logos and customized graphics. In addition to manufacturing the world’s most sophisticated Sports Television Broadcast Trucks and Trailers with the largest expanding side(s), Gerling & Associates offers in all their custom vehicle designs an optional expanding side to increase the square footage of the vehicle working environment in some case 100%!

Feedback from the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office has been well received and top notch! Expect only the best when investing in a Gerling & Associates custom mobile facility!